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                                            Ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer(EAA)

                                            Product Type  Plastic and rubber raw materials
                                            Product description: Ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer (EAA) is a material with high thermoplasticity and high adhesion. When the MI is the same, its transparency, toughness, adhesion and resistance to environmental stress cracking will increase with the increase of AA content; on the contrary, rigidity, vapor transmission and chemical resistance will be better. When the AA content is the same, the adhesiveness and processability will be better with the increase of MI. Mainly used in packaging, powder coatings, adhesives, hot melt adhesives, sealing materials, water-based solvents, environmentally friendly degradation materials, etc.
                                            Product Features:

                                            1. Excellent adhesiveness. Materials that can be bonded to EAA are: metals such as aluminum and tin and their oxides, glass, cellulose, wood, leather, cellophane, protein, nylon, polyurethane, polyethylene, and ethylene glycol. Acrylic, etc .;
                                            2. It has a wide application range and does not cause the problem of thermal decomposition and bubble generation. It is recommended to use the temperature between 120-160 ° C.
                                            3. Easy processability, high fluidity, ultra-low melting point, reduce usage and cost.

                                            Application areas:

                                            1. Powder coating: This product can be made into powder and can be sprayed on the surface of pipes (as shown in Figure 3), steel, non-woven clothing and other materials as anti-corrosion or bonding materials;
                                            2. Hot-melt adhesive: for difficult bonding Material; It can also be used as the middle adhesive layer of the collar of high-end clothing;
                                            3. Aqueous solvent: It can dissolve in hot alkaline solution under appropriate reaction conditions. It can be formulated into water-based adhesive for clothing and clothing;
                                            4 Degradation of environmentally friendly materials: Blending EAA with starch-based materials can produce degradable plastics

                                            Technical Index:

                                            Acrylic acid content: AA: 20%
                                            Melt index: MI: 300g / 10min
                                            Density: 0.91-0.94g / ㎝³

                                            Product Size:
                                            Can also be customized according to customer's special requirements for AA content and MI melting index!