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                                            EW Aqueous polymer emulsion

                                            Product Type  Plastic and rubber raw materials

                                            Product Description:High molecular polymer, main composition is imported modified resin


                                            Product characteristics:
                                            It has strong adhesion with metal, can be used as a transparent protective layer on metal surface, can improve corrosion resistance, water resistance Prevent discoloration of metal surface; It can also be used as aramid coating material, and has good compatibility with wax lotion and pigment, It has the characteristics of low temperature reactivation of dry solids and keeping soft under zero temperature; Strong adhesion and ink matching, especially UV ink.


                                            Application suggestions:
                                            Recommended to be used in metal surface coating, inorganic coating, roll coating paper,aluminum plastic coating adhesive layer.
                                            It is recommended to dry by forced hot air in a controlled environment. it will form a uniform adhesive film.


                                            Physical Property:
                                            Appearance : milky white or translucent liquid
                                            Solid content: 25%±2
                                            Viscosity: (T-4) >100s
                                            PH Value : >9 (not lower than 7.5 when used)
                                            Diluent: Water


                                            Cleaning :
                                            Please use clean water instead of high concentration solvent. EW Aqueous polymer emulsion reacts with solvent.


                                            Storage and handling:
                                            The storage temperature shall be 5C ° - 35C °, and stored under ventilated and heat preservation conditions. The storage suggest not exceed 6 months, and must be stirred before use . The inventory must be rotated with first in first out .


                                            Standard Package: 1000KG/IBC