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                                            LLDPE Film

                                            Product Type  Film products

                                            Product performance:

                                              1. Heat-sealability:  
                                            LLDPE Film has good heat-sealability. As long as the minimum sealing temperature is reached, it has good heat-sealing strength and strong anti-pollution ability. 
                                            2. Melting performance:  
                                            LLDPE has lower melting tension than LDPE, and the relaxation time of melting stress is shorter. It can be observed that the melted film extruded from the "T" head has a large necking and a large degree of sag of the parison during hollow molding. Since the melt stress relaxation time is short and the residual stress in the injection molded product is small, the shrinkage rate is small and the warpage is small. 
                                            3. Thermal performance:

                                            The cold resistance of LLDPE, in terms of the relationship between catalytic temperature and melt flow rate, LLDPE embrittlement temperature is lower than LDPE and HDPE, which indicates that it can withstand lower temperatures. 
                                            4. Physical and mechanical properties: The physical mechanical properties of  
                                            LLDPE Film are significantly better than LDPE, and its softness, toughness, cold resistance and puncture resistance are better than LDPE. 

                                            Performance parameter table



                                            Tensile strength / Mpa


                                            Elongation /%


                                            Shore hardness


                                            Tear strength / (N / cm)


                                            Vicat softening point / ℃


                                            Brittleness temperature / ℃



                                              Mainly used as plastic film, plastic bag, stretch film, plastic film and other plastic film products.