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                                            Polyolefin elastomer (POE)

                                            Product Type  Plastic and rubber raw materials
                                            Product description: Polyolefin elastomer (POE) is a thermoplastic elastomer with a narrow relative molecular mass distribution and a uniform short-chain branch distribution using a metallocene as a catalyst by the American DOW Chemical Company. The main performance of this elastomer is very outstanding, and the Index of performance in many aspects exceeds that of ordinary elastomers. The molecular structure of POE is similar to Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer rubber (EPDM). Therefore, POE will also have excellent properties such as aging resistance, ozone resistance, and chemical resistance. By cross-linking POE, the material's heat resistance temperature is increased and permanent The deformation is reduced, and the main mechanical properties such as tensile strength and tear strength are greatly improved. Many Uses POE elastomers can exceed PVC, EVA, SBR, EMA and EPDM. POE may replace traditional EPDM in the future. Because of the excellent performance of POE, it has been widely used in the automotive industry, wire and cable jackets, plastic tougheners and other aspects.
                                            Product Features: POE is produced by American Dupont Dow Chemical Company using INSITE catalytic technology. Compared to traditional polymers materials having better processing moldability without adding any plasticizer during molding; has been widely used in the automotive industry, medical, impact modifiers and packaging
                                            performance Index
                                            Density (g / cm³) 0.852-0.880
                                            Melting point (℃) 50-70
                                            100% modulus (MPa) 1.0-5.2
                                            Shore hardness (A) 65-85
                                            flexural modulus (Mpa) 8.0-28.0
                                            Melt index (dg / min) 0.5-30 +
                                            Elongation (%) 700-1000 +
                                            low temperature brittleness (℃) <-76
                                            POE has many advantages compared with some traditional elastomers:
                                            Compare EPDM vs. SBS vs. EVA, EMA, EEA vs. soft PVC Excellent weld line strength , Good dispersibility, high impact strength with equal amount of addition, outstanding molding ability, easy handling, good weather resistance, high transparency, low price, high transparency, good toughness, and good flexibility. No special equipment is required, low corrosion of equipment, good thermoforming, good plasticity, light weight, better low temperature brittleness, and good economy.
                                            Application: 1. Impact modifiers: instrument panels; connectors and plugs; pipes; instrument parts; sheets; garden tools; building materials;
                                            2. molded products: pipe fittings interfaces; toys; travel bags or handbags; Shoes;
                                            3. Extrusion molding products: civil, industrial, medical tubes; instrument parts; building materials; wire sheaths; elastic films.