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                                            Ethylene-methacrylic acid copolymer(EMAA) Surlyn resin

                                            Product Type  Plastic and rubber raw materials
                                            Product description: Surlyn resin is an ethylene-methacrylic acid-based ionic polymer polymerized by DuPont using a unique production process. DuPont Surlyn can be used in many fields, from food and cosmetics packaging to consumer and industrial products, to provide a better, healthier and safer life for people around the world.
                                            Performance: Excellent low temperature impact toughness
                                            excellent abrasion resistance, scratch resistance
                                            superior to the chemical resistance
                                            transparent, clear, glossy soft luxurious
                                            excellent melt strength (tensile fracture is not melted)
                                            Applications: The tough and transparent Surlyn resin provides superior sealing integrity to the packaging industry. Its low temperature sealability, excellent hot tack strength, and the widest range of sealing in the industry make Surlyn a sealing condition that solves leaks, increases packaging line speed, seals through contaminants, and is difficult to handle, improving efficiency Reliable choice. The excellent DuPont Surlyn resin is suitable for efficient blown film and extrusion coating processes as well as sports equipment fields such as cosmetic packaging, body packaging and golf, or as a modifier in other plastics.